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The second half of 2019 is here – make the most of it!

Make the most of 2019!




Make yourself proud! After all, if you can’t be your own biggest fan, who else is going to be? You owe it to yourself to back the person who is in control of your destiny...YOU!



Be kind to all, especially yourself. In case no one has told you today, you’re amazing! It’s time you believe it too.



Reignite those goals. Sure, the last 6 months have breezed by, but there’s still another 6 to go and that’s loads of time to get things done. Choose something that’s easily attainable in that space of time and go for it!



Remember, you’re more than you can see. You’re more than the way you look and infinitely more than what others think or say you are.


If you give the opinions of others power over you, you’ll be letting everyone control you. Only you can define yourself so don’t give that honour to anyone else.



When you’re a glowing, confident and more radiant you, there’s nothing you can’t achieve. You might even find that your glow inspires others to shine too. With LUX beauty bars and body washes , you can be anything you choose because when you’re #MoreThanYouCanSee you’re unstoppable.