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Bring the power of beauty home

LUX knows home is where your heart is. It’s where you’re free to indulge in the self-care that nurtures your inner strength and inspires you.

Beauty At Home means prioritising yourself unapologetically in your space and letting your me-time reflect the mantra #MyBeautyMyStrength.


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Re-charge with #SelfCareSunday 

Finding balance in yourself is part of your true beauty and with LUX it includes your skin looking beautiful and smelling fragrant. So why not set some time aside this Sunday to indulge in a luxurious skincare treat and  #GlowUnapologetically to start feeling confident for the week ahead.

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Self-Care crafted by LUX and nature, just for you!

You’re not just deserving of the most luxurious self-care, but you also need solutions crafted around your unique glow and aspirations.  

LUX has developed the Botanicals range of, nature-inspired skincare products with ingredients like Honeysuckle & Neroli Oil, Fig extract & Geranium, Freesia & Tea Tree Oil, Lotus & Honey, all chosen for their transformative benefits.

Find out what you get from your daily dose of skincare and learn more about proper pampering, to celebrate yourself!

There’s even more to unlock from whichever LUX Botanicals Bodywash you choose to indulge in - try these hacks for yourself, at home:

1) To make your own unique exfoliating body scrub all you need is one cup of granulated sugar (the coarser, the better) and half a cup of your favourite LUX Body Wash. Mix them together, store it in a glass jar, and give your skin a good scrub once a week. We’d recommend using our LUX Skin Detox Body Wash. It’s infused with Tea Tree Oil known to cleanse and detox your skin - giving your scrub some extra goodness!

2) For your own homemade body spritz, combine three-quarters of ice-cold water and one-quarter of your fave LUX Body Wash in a spray bottle. For an extra boost of moisture and a radiant glow try LUX Glowing Skin with Lotus and Honey. Shake it well and give your skin a spray throughout the day to stay refreshed and hydrated.