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Beautiful African woman feeling good while taking a bath.

Tips to give your body and mind the best care


At LUX, we care about your beauty needs and well-being, so we’ve put together these tips to give your body and mind the best care.

Read on to find out how you can give yourself a little extra TLC...

Wash your hands with a soap that has moisturising properties

We are of course referring to our LUX beauty bars, made with the finest ingredients to cleanse the skin and wash away germs, resulting in beautifully pampered and smooth skin. Unlike ordinary soaps, our beauty bars don’t strip away moisture from your hands, but they restore it.

How? Well, the secret is in the floral beauty oils which are infused in our beauty bars.

Soak your feet in bath salts

Our feet put in a lot of work daily, and unfortunately, they don’t receive as much pampering as they should. This is why bath salts might be exactly what they need because they can minimise foot odour, help heal fungus and soothe dry skin. Pour bath salts into a big bowl of warm water and leave your feet in absolute bliss while you watch a chick flick or catch up on your favourite shows.

Dry brush your skin and exfoliate

How can dry brushing and exfoliation improve skincare?

Dry brushing can increase blood flow and stimulate collagen production in your skin, and this will help strengthen it. It can also dramatically increase skin elasticity. Start by brushing the tops of your feet, then upwards to your stomach, and proceeding to your arms and back.

Do this right before you step into a warm shower or bath and exfoliate your skin with LUX Skin Rejuvenate Body Wash using a bath sponge. Body washes from our Botanicals range are infused with natural ingredients such as neroli oil, tea tree oil, and honey to give you beautifully radiant and fragranced skin.

Read more about the LUX Botanicals range here.

Light a scented candle during bath time

How to relax my mind while taking a bath?

Many scented candles make use of quality essential oils that are known to promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, and induce quality sleep. The low lighting provided by the candlelight creates an ambiance of calm and relaxation. However, not all scented candles are equal.

Did you know that certain scents can improve your mood and productivity?
Check out these top scents that can improve your mood and productivity for some inspiration.

Follow these tips to practice self-care at home for a happier and more radiant you!


[31 July 2020]