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Relaxed woman watching her favourite series

Self-Care Tips that are Absolutely Free

Welcoming in the New Year is exciting! We start with a fresh mindset and set goals for the future. You may have already formed resolutions but have you asked the most crucial question: do your plans include self-care? Self-care is essentially time you set aside nurturing and taking care of your 'self'. Many people decide against self-care because it appears to be a costly exercise. The good news though is that it doesn't have to cost a cent! Here are a few easy self-care tips that are absolutely free:

Make Your Bed

A wise person once said that if you make your bed first thing in the morning, you would have already completed the first task of the day. Once you realise this, you will feel all the more confident that with whatever tasks you have on your plate, you will be able to tackle them as they come.

Take a Luxurious Bath

"We’re talking about steaming baths that leave your fingers and toes all wrinkled! Warm baths are relaxing and can ease sore and tense muscles. Light a few scented candles and play calming music while using your favourite Lux body wash to leave your skin feeling pampered and smelling incredible. With all the tip we have on giving your body and mind the best care, who needs to go to a spa when you can have a spa day in the comfort of your home?

Create an Accomplishment List

Keep a list of activities that you’ve completed, instead of focusing on tasks that are still in progress. This will leave you feeling successful instead of anxious! Always focus on the positive.

Keep Hydrated

Keep a refillable water bottle beside you and sip on water during the day. It will prevent episodes of fatigue and boosts skin health. Ladies, the sweet spot is to drink about eight glasses of water per day.

Watch Your Favourite Series

There’s nothing more relaxing than tuning out the rest of the world and watching a feel-good show. Whether you prefer comedies or an inspirational TED Talk, use the time to unwind.

Write Down What You Love About Yourself

Make a weekly list of 10 things you love about yourself. Self-love is a demonstration of self-care. When you love yourself, then nurturing your body becomes easier. 

Choose Flight Mode

Sometimes, you just need to catch a break from the calls, messages, and notifications, even if it is only for an hour. Turn on flight mode and take a mental break. You can use this time to meditate, sleep, read a book or simply do nothing at all.

There are many ways to love yourself. Set aside time every day to listen to your thoughts and engage in relaxing activities that are therapeutic. Once you’ve committed to a self-care date, throw out the excuses and get ready to spend quality time with your best friend - you.


[29 March 2021]