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My Beauty My Strength

LUX celebrates beauty as a source of strength. The LUX Bath & Body products create the opportunity for indulgent rituals which nurture a woman’s inner strength and inspire her to rise above judgements and reclaim her beauty.

Celebrating every facet of femininity since 1925

In a fast-paced world that increasingly values the status quo over individuality and self-expression, especially when it comes to women and beauty, LUX is a global brand that has been redefining beauty and self-expression since 1925.

Developed for women who take pride in their beauty, LUX is reintroducing the significance of pleasure in your beauty routine. More than just an offering of quality beauty soaps at an affordable price, LUX offers women a way to express their beauty and femininity, unapologetically. Read on to learn more about LUX.

Who Is LUX?

Over the decades LUX has been masterfully crafting their formulations to create alluring beauty treats that delight women in more than 100 countries worldwide, every day.

From the beginning, LUX has defined itself as a trusted provider of luxury beauty soap products, so finely formulated it is touted as the beauty soap of the stars. Capturing audiences from the onset with its slogan - Made like the costliest French soap - that speaks to the mastery and craftsmanship behind each LUX beauty product, LUX is illuminating pleasure as the foundation of beauty care.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is all about pleasure, coupled with a determination to deliver beauty products that aid women in their unapologetic expression of beauty and femininity through indulgent self-care with our beauty soaps. Our pursuit and passion to provide the highest quality of beauty products is inspired by our commitment to create indulgent skin treats that women crave, and provide an exceptional experience in and out of the shower. Which is why LUX beauty soaps are infused with the finest fragrances, made by the world’s best perfumers, and rich in indulgent ingredients selected for their ability to soften, moisturise and fragrance skin at a standard that exceeds customer expectations.

LUX believes that beauty doesn’t have to be about hard work, but rather, about pleasure. Which is why LUX is not just a soap that smells good, it’s a fine fragrance you can bathe in. A timeless luxury product, our beauty soaps are set to create empowering moments of self-care for women. So that every woman can confidently navigate the world in skin that is delicately soft, smooth and irresistibly scented, reminding her of the power that exists not only in her beauty but beyond skin deep too.

The LUX brand story is twofold. Marked firstly by a desire to bring women across the globe the best of beauty and highlight the pleasure that one can find in beauty rituals that delight and reinvigorate users. Then secondly, by a need to support women in their beauty journey, to inspire them to be unapologetic about their self-expression of beauty and reignite a sense of unshakeable confidence so that they can reclaim their beauty for themselves.

Explore our wide range of beauty products and indulge in the pleasure of memorable self-care moments that celebrate your beauty and femininity, courtesy of LUX.

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We’ve been working with the world’s best perfumers to create fine fragrance skin treats for you to enjoy. Transform your daily shower into an indulgent one that will make you feel special every day.

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LUX® master perfumer



LUX® master perfumer



LUX® master perfumer

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LUX® believes in safeguarding the future of the perfume industry. We have partnered with the International Perfume Museum in Grasse, by sponsoring a beautiful jasmine garden in its magnificent gardens.