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A more confident you

A more confident you


We sometimes ask ourselves: what do others think of me? This is when we should remember that the first step to self-confidence is self-esteem – and this means that we must learn to accept ourselves for the people that we are.


You might not think that you’re the most gorgeous woman at the party. But remember, your looks form just a small part of what could make you an utterly attractive woman.



Just think of some movie stars, for example. C’mon, if you look closely there is very little about most of them that is classically beautiful. And yet, they are probably as close as you can get to any guy’s dream girl. Look carefully and you’ll see that it is often their charming smile, kindness and sense of humour that has made them crawl into our hearts. Being any more beautiful would not have made a difference.



Despite the challenges of daily life, if we make peace with ourselves and live a productive life in kindness and compassion we can accomplish so much more. You are utterly unique, so take pride in yourself and always make sure your fragrance matches your looks by layering your favourite Lux scent. If you are quietly confident and clear on your values, chances are that others will respect your views as well as your fresh and fabulous self no matter who you are.



And if you make a few mistakes along the way, try not to worry. It is only by making mistakes that we learn in life. But what is even more important is that you should learn to receive a compliment gracefully. So, next time someone says ‘You smell so lovely’ simply respond with a ‘Thank you. I love wearing this fragrance.’ Don’t forget to return the compliment, or otherwise just share a radiant smile.