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Get Your Crown On!

Have yourself a blooming festive season with LUX.

Flower crowns are chic, they fill the room with a floral scent, and every queen deserves a crown. Reminiscent of LUX, a floral crown can be that finishing touch designed to complete your look this festive season. LUX invites you to create your own fantastic festive floral crown and enhance your natural beauty...naturally.


LUX bars contain unique floral variants, select your favourites listed below to inspire your self-made festive headdress:


  • Soft Touch contains a rich jasmine fragrance.
  • Soft Caress teases with its soft elements of French roses.
  • Velvet Touch hints at the elegant notes of White Roses.
  • Tempting Whisper exudes an understated scent of Wild Peonies and Orange Blossoms.
  • Sheer Twilight evokes an exotic fragrance of Black Orchids.
  • Scarlet Blossom kindles the thoughts of the alluring Egyptian Violet bouquet.


Mix and match the fragrances to give your head-dress a ceremonious look and feel and a divine fragrance during this jolly season. Now let’s get crafting:


First things first, make sure you have the following handy:


Step One

Measure the wire to fit around your head, leaving 1,5 cm for comfort. Secure the ends with floral tape to ensure there is no wire sticking out.


Step Two:

Select and wrap the greenery around the wire, as an “undercoat” in preparation for your floral design. Try these greenery ideas: Rosemary, Ivy or Eucalyptus.


Step Three:

Select and place your flowers on a table to make it easy for you to arrange them according to your selected colour scheme and then wrap the stems together with floral tape.


Step Four:

Attach your flower bunches to the crown. Layer more flowers over the stems to create a neat, seamless floral look. Attach the flowers in one direction facing outwards for the blooms to stand out.