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why you don't necessarily need makeup to feel beautiful

Why you don’t necessarily need makeup to feel beautiful



For many of us, wearing loads of makeup is like armour against the world – it helps us to feel secure in our skins. But wearing makeup and being beautiful are certainly not mutually exclusive. It’s time for us to learn that we can look and feel our beautiful best by going ‘au naturale’. Why, you ask, would you want to go the natural route?




It’s better for your skin


No matter what makeup you use, the substances we put onto our skin clog up our pores over time. And this can often be the cause of the very skin problem we are so desperately trying to cover up. By taking a break from your makeup you will be giving your skin a breather and you’re sure to notice the difference.



You will appreciate the real, beautifully flawed you


It’s difficult to let go and accept yourself as you are if you are constantly trying to change your appearance. By not wearing makeup you allow yourself to acknowledge that your flaws can be beautiful too. So, it’s time to accept those acne scars, an uneven skin tone or your cute freckles – because in the end, if you can’t love yourself, how can you expect others to?



It's cheaper and less time consuming


Not only do you not have to invest huge amounts of money into good quality makeup, but you also don’t have to spend heaps of time getting ready in the morning or before you head out on the town. The great thing about not wearing makeup is it’s quicker, easier and cheaper.



You can still pamper yourself


So, how do you make the transition to naturally radiant skin without having to plaster on a mask? Simply, cleanse, exfoliate and lightly conceal any obvious blemishes. Or add or subtract, depending on how brave you are feeling. It’s all about your personal comfort levels.




When you look, feel and smell great you will no doubt feel great. Enjoy great bath soaps like LUX Even Tone which will leave your skin evenly toned and smelling beautiful - or LUX Soft Touch which will ease you into that softer skin you’ve been longing for. Because you’re beautiful!


So, it’s time to think twice before you put on your “war paint” – because true beauty is about more than how you appear on the surface.