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Date night beauty on a budget

Date night beauty on a budget






So, you have the classic first-date jitters – butterflies in your stomach and the impending sense that your date could turn out to be series of awkward silences leaving you with no choice but to implement your carefully planned exit strategy. Add the fact that you are broke to the equation, and it could really turn out to be an epic fail.



Hydrate your skin


Yes, we have all heard it before, but making sure your skin is well hydrated will help you to channel that fresh, healthy glow. Moisturise your body from head to toe with your daily face and body creams and make sure that you don’t only look great but feel soft and silky too. And don’t forget about your hands for the perfect soft touch.





To ensure a silky-smooth canvas, exfoliate your whole body using a gentle scrub or exfoliating gloves. If you don’t have these on hand, a paste of granulated sugar and olive oil will do the trick - and it’s totally affordable. Don’t forget to very gently exfoliate your lips, using baking soda and a cotton swab – and sport the perfect pout!



The art of fragrance


To smell good one doesn’t have to spend a fortune on perfume. Use a beautifully scented body wash coupled with your body cream to layer the fragrance for a longer lasting scent.



A touch of something extra


It’s all in the small details. Touches such as romantic makeup or a spritz of your favourite fine fragrance to round off your prep won’t go unnoticed. The extra time you put into making sure everything is perfect will only help you feel more confident.




If the end of the night arrives and the sparks are just not flying, there is no need to call it a night - after all you have already gone through all the effort to get your glam on! Give your bestie a call because now’s the time to hit the town for some fun!