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Its time for a better you

It’s time for a better you

Love yourself, spoil yourself, focus on YOU!

The month of February is usually focused on love in a romantic way, but this might just be the perfect time to switch it up a little. The concept of love needs to start with you, before you can share it with someone else. Love yourself, spoil yourself, focus on YOU!


As the world’s most iconic soap brand, LUX embraces and celebrates women because every queen deserves unconditional love. Here are our top tips on how you can start on your self-love journey:


Exercise more

Do a few home exercises everyday for 15 minutes.


Spend more time with your girlfriends

Go to comedy nights, go out for dinner, have fun!


Pamper yourself

Go for that manicure you’ve been postponing, get some relaxing time at the spa.


Capture the moments

Take pictures, you can never have too many.


Let go of the past

Holding on to unnecessary things can causes unhappiness, forgive and let go.


Just like how you’re more than your beauty, our LUX Even Tone is more than just a beauty bar. It contains Vitamin B3 and purifying clay to help polish your skin and leave you with radiant glowing skin. Now that’s a great step to becoming a better you, with great skin.


Now is the time to fix your crown and be the best version of yourself, you deserve it!