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lady smiling with glowing skin

Be bold, be brave, be you


Change is an essential part of growth. Sometimes we’re put in situations where we are forced to change, and sometimes we decide to do it ourselves. We know that change isn’t always easy, but at LUX we encourage women to be brave and bold. Here are cool ways that you can get out of your comfort zone, which is bound to boost your confidence.

Get a makeover

You’ll never regret investing in how you look. When you look good, you feel confident and when you feel confident you can take on the world. A makeover is more than just rocking a glamorous face beat; it’s about finding clothes that complement your figure and choosing a hairstyle that brings out your best facial features. But most importantly, it’s a great start to mastering self-love.


Watch motivational videos

This method is probably one of the most effective ways to bring positive energy your way. Sometimes we feel so down that we can’t even hold our crowns up — and that’s okay. You’re only human, so next time you’re feeling down, stream motivational videos to uplift your mood. The purpose of motivational videos is to inspire people, help them reach their goals and be more confident. They can help you make progress in your professional and personal life.


Try out a new fragrance

When you smell good, you’re bound to get compliments from the people around you. If you’ve been using the same perfume for years then maybe it’s time to try something new. Pick a high-quality product that best suits your personality. Remember that the key to a longer-lasting scent is to layer your fragrances. Use LUX fragrance beauty bar soapand body washto smell amazing for longer. Then once you’re dressed you can spritz some of your perfume to smell radiant all day long.


Start conversations with strangers

This could be while you’re at the gym, waiting for your food at a restaurant or if you’re at shopping at a clothing store. It’s a great way to overcome your shyness. And who knows? Maybe you can make friends, too.


Implementing any one of these changes is sure to make a difference.