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New LUX Botanicals Range in waterfall setting

Awaken Your Skin with NEW Lux Botanicals

Awaken Your Skin and Transform Your Shower

Close your eyes and imagine you are surrounded by an oasis of lush green leaves and the fragrance of exotic flowers. You hear the ripples of water flowing from a nearby waterfall and feel the gentle drops falling against your skin - nourishing and awakening it. Now open your eyes.

Our NEW LUX Botanicals can transform this enchanted oasis into your reality daily.

Our LUX Botanicals Range will ensure that every shower is a luxurious experience for your senses where nature is supreme and beauty is celebrated.

To do this we’ve harnessed the power of nature by combining exotic flowers, 100% natural extracts and essential oils to give you new generation skin benefits.

Each of the four LUX Botanicals Body Washes: LUX Glowing Skin; LUX Skin Detox; LUX Skin Rejuvenate and LUX Skin Rebalance, are uniquely infused with a selection of these ingredients.

"These botanical selections work in harmony to provide your skin with nature’s goodness, and here’s how:

* LUX Glowing Skin is infused with extracts of Lotus and Honey. The combination not only provides a luxurious scent, but honey is known to have natural antibacterial properties which benefit skin. Lotus is considered rich in antioxidants and acts as a skin conditioner that helps create natural shine. Together these two main ingredients help to hydrate, nourish and moisturise your skin to reveal a radiant, youthful glow.

* LUX Skin Detox is formulated with extracts of Freesia and infused with Tea Tree oil as its two main ingredients. Tea Tree oil is commonly used for relieving skin inflammation and infection because of its natural antibacterial properties. It can also be considered an effective remedy against acne. Together with Freesia, which is known for natural cleansing, the two work in harmony to detoxify skin. The combination creates a Body Wash that will leave your skin beautifully soft and de-stressed.

* LUX Skin Rejuvenate is created using a blend of Honeysuckle and Neroli oil extracts. Known to promote healthy skin cells, Neroli oil has been used to treat skin infection, fade imperfections and moisturise skin. Honeysuckle can be used for natural healing and is known to provide a calming aromatic fragrance. Together these main ingredients form a Body Wash that will help refresh and revive skin, returning it to its original glow.

* LUX Skin Rebalance uses a combination of Fig Extract and Geranium oil as its main ingredients to give skin a natural balance. The Fig Extract is famously known for its hydrating qualities, as well as its level of nutrients (such as Omega-3) that condition and smooth skin. Whilst Geranium Oil is reputed for having anti-ageing effects and natural cleansing which provide toned, radiant-looking skin. Infused together in the Body Wash, they help rejuvenate and balance the moisture of your skin.

In addition to these ingredients, each LUX Botanicals Body Wash contains its own blend of essential oils which contribute to their enchanting fragrances. Essential oils such as Clove, Lemon, Pine, Lavender, Ylang Ylang and a variety of other are present. The most prominent, Ylang Ylang, is 100% sustainably sourced and provides a powerful, opulent floral aroma to the range.

To continue celebrating and protecting nature, all LUX Botanicals Body Wash packaging has been created using 100% recyclable materials and are available to purchase from all leading stores.

So if you’re tight on time and need some self-care but can’t take that exotic island trip just yet, our new LUX Botanicals can bring it to you. Celebrate your skin and transform your shower into a daily escape inspired by nature. Shop now and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for product updates and reviews from our LUX ladies.

[06 October 2020]