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Self-Care Ideas for Summer You Must Try

Summer’s warm temperatures are setting in and we look forward to wearing cute, colourful dresses and putting our needs first! Summer won’t last all year, so why not make the most of this season with these easy self-care ideas?

It’s time for a Social Media Break

Put your screens aside to take a much-needed social media break. Even if the social media break only lasts a day or two, it allows you to take in your surroundings and celebrate the present. Appreciate the absence of pinging notifications and instead embrace the time to learn more about yourself and hear your thoughts.


Replace your worries with wonder as you gaze at the stars. You could sit on the patio, or better yet, lay down a blanket in your backyard to soak up the night sky. Take yourself on a date as you watch the constellations and snack on all your favourite treats.

Wear Sunscreen

The hot weather is ideal for spending much-needed time outdoors. Just make sure you wear sunscreen at all times. The last thing you need is sunburn that is painful and will leave you feeling uncomfortable. After some fun in the sun, be sure to use your favourite beauty products that moisturise, hydrate, and protect the skin.

Spend Time in the Water

Whether you dive into a pool or live close to a beach, dam or river, go for a swim to cool your body and unwind for a bit. There is just something so therapeutic about water that will leave you relaxed and feeling less stressed. After your swim, read a book with the sound of water in the background to calm yourself.

Take a Nap

The summer heat may leave you feeling drained. As you hydrate by drinking water during the day, take a 20-minute nap to recharge. And if you aren’t the type who can nap during the day, use the time to meditate or do a few yoga stretches.

Stock up on Summer Fruits

There are several types of fruit that are in season which you may find at a cheaper cost. We’re talking mangoes, litchis, berries, grapes and so much more. Indulge, sis and help your skin glow from the inside out!

Love Your Body

Whether you think you are bikini-ready or not, who cares? Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself and embrace the skin you’re in. Wear that swimsuit and show off your beautiful skin by using skincare products that will leave you looking radiant. As John Legend croons, “love your curves and all your edges.”

Spend quality time with yourself this summer and take advantage of the warm, happy weather!

Read on for more beauty and skin care tips.


[29 March 2021]