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When and How To Take An Emotional Break

Everybody needs time to themselves. A time where they can relax and just be whoever they want to be.

Raise your hand if you need a me-day.

You have several roles: mom, sister, colleague, friend, partner and aunt. You may relate to only a few titles or share all the roles just mentioned. Life can get busy. There is always something to be done, someone to visit and somebody that needs a shoulder. Juggling between all these roles can be stressful. So, when do you have time for yourself?

You may be feeling stressed right now, or you may feel indifferent. Here are a few factors that tell if you need an emotional break:

  • You struggle to focus on completing a task
  • You cannot remember the last time you’ve had a self-care Sunday
  • Stress is affecting your body physically, i.e. you feel fatigued and are burnt out as a result of overworking.
  • You have insomnia
  • You skip meals because you have too much work to do
  • You lack motivation

If you can relate to any of the elements listed above, read further for a few tips on how to give yourself a break:

Sleep an Extra Few Minutes

As we wind down the year, feeling fatigued is normal. You’ve been pushing through all year, starting the day early and aiming to complete all tasks on your list. Now, why don’t you take it easy and relax wherever you can. Whether you decide to go to bed a few minutes earlier or waking up later than usual, extra time laying in bed is not a bad thing!

Take an Energising Shower

Many people, especially those who have kids, find that taking a shower or a bath is one of the best ways to unwind and relax without leaving the house. Take full advantage of that! Relaxing in a bath can help ease sore muscles. And taking a shower while using LUX body wash is the perfect way to feel invigorated and restored.

Do Something You Love

Whether it’s dancing in front of the mirror, painting something unique, reading your favourite blog about the latest beauty tips, trying a new recipe or relaxing in nature – do something that makes you happy. It’s so easy to work on tasks that are due for others while neglecting the most crucial task of all: your happiness. Today, do something that brings you joy and allows your creativity to flourish.

Do Absolutely Nothing

We’ve trained our minds to be on-the-go all the time, often finding something to do when we see there is nothing to do. However, make an effort to do nothing at all. Put aside all electronics and even that book – try not to process any kind of information and just be.

Use this break to spend more time on being there for yourself and relaxing as much as possible. You deserve it!

[23 December 2020]