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How To Bath With Bar Soaps In Showers & Bathtubs

How To Bath With Bar Soaps In Showers & Bathtubs

Whether you like to lather up during a long soak in the bath, or you prefer to rinse off the soothing suds in a quick shower, there’s something your daily cleanse can’t do without – soap. From luxurious body washes to blissful beauty bars, when it comes to LUX, we offer a variety of soaps for you to choose from to ensure an indulgent and enjoyable cleanse, every time.

While you’re sure to find the perfect bath or shower time companion in our pampering range of body washes and soap bars, the reality is that not all soap is created equal. From delivering fantastic, long-lasting fragrance to your skin to helping to restore dry skin or reveal its radiance, there are so many different benefits that different soaps can deliver. But when it comes to how to use your cleanser the right way to benefit your skin, many of us don’t know what to do, especially when it comes to bathing with a bar soap.

So today, we’re sharing some tips on the best ways of bathing with bar soaps, whether it’s in the tub or shower, to unlock the skin-loving benefits of our beauty bars. Want to find out more? Then read on!

Bathing With Bar Soaps

‘How do you shower with bar soap?’ and, ‘can you use bar soap in the bath?’ are some of the common questions that come up when it comes to bathing with bar soap. If you’ve wondered whether to use your body soap bar in the bath or in the shower, wonder no more because you can use your LUX beauty bar in both for soft, smooth, nourished and clean skin. When it comes to how to use your bar soap, regardless of whether it’s in the bath or shower, there are just two simple steps you need to follow.

1. Lather up

Once you step into the bath or shower, your first step should be to do a quick rinse to wet your skin. Then you can take your LUX bar soap and either rub it between your hands to get a good lather going or rub the bar on a washcloth or loofah until a lather forms and use this to cleanse. It’s all up to your preference.

2. Rinse down

Once you’ve soaped up sufficiently, it’s time to rinse the soap off, working your way from your neck all the way to your feet. Rinse off any remaining soap residue using lukewarm water as water that’s too hot can strip the moisture from your skin.

With that, you’re done cleansing! But remember, we did mention that not all soaps are made equal and one such example would be our LUXurious beauty bars. Our soap bars are enriched with rich, skin-loving ingredients to deliver beautiful benefits to your skin every time you bathe with LUX. So here are some of the benefits you can look forward to unlocking the next time you decide to steal a moment of indulgent self-care by cleansing with a quality LUX bar soap.

The Benefits of Bathing with LUX Beauty Bars

LUX Soft Caress Beauty Bar – This pampering beauty bar is enriched with Jasmine Oil to deliver nourishing care as you cleanse. Like all our beauty bars, it is also infused with our luxurious SilkEssence oil that delivers delightfully soft and smooth skin with every wash. With delicate extracts of Lily of the Valley, give this gorgeously scented soap bar a try for soft, fragrant and nourished skin.

LUX Soft Touch Beauty Bar – To leave your skin feeling clean, refreshed and pampered every day, delight your skin by cleansing with this rich beauty bar. Infused with a fine fragrance of French Roses and almond oil which is known to restore dry skin, if smooth, glowing skin is what you’re after, give this bar soap a try.

LUX Velvet Touch Beauty Bar – Enjoy an indulgent cleanse that delivers soft, smooth, nourished skin with this moisturising beauty bar. Enriched with delicate notes of White Rose and Jasmine as well as almond oil to deliver nourishing care to your skin, give this beauty bar a try for an unforgettable bath time.

With LUX, bathing or showering with bar soaps isn’t just an opportunity to get clean, it’s a moment to indulge in the magic of some self-care with our LUXurious bar soaps. So take your pick of our rich, nourishing bar soaps and enjoy a relaxing moment of me-time when you bathe with our beauty bars.