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natural beauty secrets from across the globe


There’s a reason women all over the world have gorgeous skin! Some of them rely on certain products that enhance their natural beauty and provide them with a radiant glow.


But what are they exactly and how can we gain a sneak-peek into their lives so that we too can have “skin just like pearls,”? as Beyoncé confidently sings.


A woman can never have too many beauty tricks up her sleeve, so we hope these tips help you look and feel your best!


Rose water for cleansing
Country: Bulgaria

As a result of Bulgaria producing around 85% of the world’s rose oil, it’s no wonder Bulgarians rely on rose water for cleansing their skin. These women discovered the various uses of rose oil and rose petals because of their famous Rose Valley centuries ago.

Rose water is prepared by placing rose petals and water in a pot and allowing the roses to simmer for 20-30 minutes or until the petals have lost their colour. However, it is also available at most cosmetic stores. The benefits of rose water for your skin include: controlling excess oil, hydrating and revitalising your skin, cleansing pores and toning the skin.


Turmeric for glowing skin
Country: India

Turmeric powder is a popular ingredient in many Indian recipes, but did you know it’s also used as a beauty product? Turmeric paste is created by mixing the powder with plain yoghurt and honey. For radiant and glowing skin, apply the turmeric paste on your body and leave it on for 10-15 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water.

If you decide to try this method, remember that you don’t just want your skin to look good, you want it to smell great as well. So, after rinsing off the turmeric paste, lather your body with the LUX Velvet Touch Body Wash which is infused with white rose and almond oil, to leave your skin smelling fresh and feeling luxurious.


Camellia oil for stretch marks
Country: China

Stretch marks are common in most women and they can appear because of weight gain, puberty or pregnancy. Once they show up, they can be hard to get rid of. Camellia oil has been used by Chinese women to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and other types of skin discoloration like sunburn.


At LUX, we always want you to look and feel your best. We hope these natural beauty secrets change the way you see beauty and perhaps inspire you to try something new!