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Our favourite fragrance trends

Our favourite fragrance trends



Unisex perfumes


Gender neutral perfumes have recently gained popularity as a response to society’s evolving views on gender. They contain neutral, subtle notes that aren’t too sweet or masculine. The best thing about these fragrances is that you can share them with your partner, which is convenient because that can save you money.



Celebrity fragrances


Celebrity fragrances will always be popular because public figures have huge fan bases, so whatever they release will almost always sell. There’s something special about owning a perfume with your favourite artist’s or actor’s name on it. It makes you feel like a true supporter of their brand and talent.





Sandalwood is often used in men’s fragrances, but it’s used in unisex fragrances as well because of its delicate balance between a sweet and woody scent. The scent can be hard to explain because it’s so distinct but that’s what makes it stand out. However, this quirky scent hasn’t always been popular The modern twist is smooth, lightweight and refreshing. Sandalwood makes the best base note for any fragranced product, which is why it’s included in body washes and beauty bar soaps.



Vegan-friendly fragrances


Whatever consumers want, consumers get. Vegan-friendly fragrances recently gained popularity because there was a demand for perfumes that are fresh, clean and organic. Common plants found in these perfumes are tomato, green pepper, sage and sweet potato to name a few. Vegan fragrances are harder to find but they’re worth the effort because going green is always a good thing.



Versatility and layering


This is a trend that will never get old. If you want a longer lasting scent, the first tip is to layer your fragrances. Use a fragranced bath soap and body wash from the same fragrance family for a long lasting scent. Combining this with a scented lotion and a perfume will have you smelling amazing all day long.



We hope you love these trends as much as we do!