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the SCENTer of attention

The SCENTer of attention



Your sense of smell is linked to your memories - which is why smells can make you feel like you have travelled back in time. For instance, the smell of your mother’s perfume as she dropped you off for your first day of school can serve as a reminder of exactly how nervous and excited you felt at that moment. Smells can also do brilliant things for your wellbeing – they can help relieve stress or boost energy levels. Basically, smells have the power to change how you feel. Our LUX fragrances use fine fragrances to do just that.

Here are a few of the scents we have blended together to leave you looking, feeling and smelling fabulous.




Lily of the Valley


This beautiful white flower has an aroma which is known for relieving sadness and for creating a sense of refuge. Lily of the Valley is the heart note of our LUX Soft Caress beauty bar and body wash, so if you are feeling down and need a pick-me-up, why not give it a try?





Going on a hot date? Then you'll need a sultry fragrance to match your outfit. Meet sandalwood, a woody aroma that has a deeply sensual quality. Sandalwood is smoky and dark so, if you’re going for a mysterious vibe, this scent is perfect. So give our LUX Scarlet blossom collection a try. The base note contains sandalwood which will leave you feeling sassy.





Yup, we all know the struggle! Thanks to the traffic, you are late for work – again. Never mind your boss’s reaction, the fact is you are there. Well, bergamot is the answer. Its citrus note is one of the most mood-balancing, uplifting aromas. Bergamot is the Heart note for our LUX Shake Me Up products which will leave you feeling revitalised and uplifted.





If you need to sit back and relax – and the endless calls and emails from the office are not helping - breathe in some jasmine. It’s deeply soothing when you are feeling edgy. The LUX Soft Caress range has a calming jasmine top note for those days when you need to take a break.




The reason we are so obsessed with the beautiful smells of the world is that fragrances have such an amazing effect on our moods. They have the potential to remind us of special moments in our lives and to lift us when we are down. Smells cast spells!