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Post-workout skincare tips

Post-workout skincare tips



1. Avoid touching your face after a workout


Plenty of people use gym equipment daily. So it comes as no surprise that the equipment is filled with bacteria and dirt. Touching your face after a workout will transfer bacteria to your face and this can lead to breakouts. Ensure that you carry a clean gym towel to pat your skin dry when it gets too sweaty. Additionally, keep dirt at bay by washing your hands with LUX beauty soap after a workout. Do this even if you’ll be taking a shower shortly afterwards.



2. Use a fragranced body wash


What better way to rid your skin of dirt and sweat than by using a body wash that won’t dry out your skin? LUX Body Wash will leave your skin cleansed, moisturised and fragranced- which is exactly what your skin needs after a workout.



3. Drink water


Your body loses a lot of water when you exercise, so always make sure your water bottle is filled up. Drinking water in between workouts can help you feel refreshed but drinking water after a workout is just as important. It will keep you hydrated and flush out toxins from your body.



4. Take off your gym clothes as soon as you can


Gym makes you sweat quite a lot and moisture and bacteria are never a good combination. It’s essential that you ditch your gym clothes as quickly as possible after exercising. Leaving them on for too long can irritate your skin and cause a wide range of rashes to appear.



5. Wash, tone and moisturise


Ditch the clogged pores and wash your face with a gentle face wash as soon as you can. Once your face is dry, use a toner to remove any excess dirt. Finish off by using a moisturiser to hydrate your skin.


Follow these tips and you’ll never have to worry about your skin breaking out after a workout.