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Quotes That Inspire Us This Women’s Month

Quotes That Inspire Us This Women’s Month





Every powerful woman knows that we rise by lifting others. It’s why we’re encouraging the queens across the nation to uplift and inspire fellow females. In celebration of Women’s Month, we feel like this is the perfect opportunity to start sharing the love and beauty tips. Most of the time, we don’t realise the impact that our words can have on others. We can use them to motivate, cultivate and ignite the inspiration. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all focused on spreading joy and confidence instead of judgement and competition? .





We thought we’d check in with some of our LUX Ladies. In catching up with them, we got to hear about their perceptions of beauty and advice for women in today’s world.



Nadia believes in owning it


“For me, being #MoreThanYouCanSee means to see beyond the surface. To accept all facets of beauty and strength and own it.” We love this and agree that we are all different and beautiful in our own way. By owning what makes us unique, we can encourage others to do the same. Self-love is the most important kind of love, so why not make sure you’re giving enough to the most important person in your life - you.


This Women’s Month, tell another female what makes her beautiful. You never know, you might just get her to see herself differently, especially if you happen to highlight a characteristic that she might not like as much. Better yet, compliment a stranger in a genuine way. You’ll catch them off guard and probably even make their day.



Zola focuses on what’s on the inside


“What meets the eye does not define you. There’s a deeper being within you that cannot be defined by society.” If you’ve ever felt pressure from society to look and act a certain way, you are not alone. However, we believe that it’s up to each one of us to define ourselves and choose who we want to be. So, forget about the labels, the opinions and what others might think. Say “yes” to #NoJudgement, for yourself and for others.

We’re all out here doing the best we can, let’s give each other more credit. Grab a piece of paper and write down the hidden aspects of yourself that are assets. This could be your kindness, courage, or the way you step up when a friend is in need.


Keep it somewhere safe to refer to when you’re having a tough day and doubting your worth. Share the love when you reach out to a friend and send them a message of appreciation. Thank them for their role in your life and make sure it goes beyond the way they look. This will send good vibes their way and show them that they’re #MoreThanYouCanSee.



Aqeelah wants you to forget about the clock


“I think it's important for women to remember they're not on a clock to achieve their goals, that it's never too late, and there's no shame in starting over.” This is a truth bomb that applies to all of us. How often do we find ourselves freaking out trying to beat the clock and achieve a goal? Who says you have to have done something by a certain age? You’ll do it when the time is right.

For now, LUX wants you to focus on doing you. The best thing you can do is live for yourself in a way that meets YOUR expectations.


Sadly, when we’re fixated on achieving things that other people expect us to, we seldom feel as fulfilled as when we do things for ourselves. Make sure that you’re aware of your motives for wanting something. Keep your friends from falling into this trap by chatting to them about their goals and why they are important to them. Not only will this reaffirm their reasons for setting particular goals, it will reignite their passion for reaching them.


Together, we make the world brighter


As women celebrating women, we can empower, inspire, and ignite. Don’t ever underestimate the power of kind words or actions in the life of another female. We all have those down days where a simple act of love can pull us back up again. A simple, “you’re doing great” or “you are really kind” can completely change someone’s outlook. Why not be the reason that someone believes in themselves today? We hope that you know you’re #MoreThanYouCanSee. From us to you, happy Women’s Month!


[18 October 2020]