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Nandi's LUX inspired story

Nandi's LUX inspired story


Nandi Madida is an iconic media personality in South Africa. Her intriguing natural beauty and confidence caught not only our eye, but the eyes of the South African public. She was recently chosen as the face of LUX as she perfectly embodies the persona of our brand. Nandi balances family life, a singing career, being a businesswoman and so much more with confidence.


We love how Nandi is deeply rooted in her traditions yet still exhibits a modern twist to her style. Since Nandi shot to fame in 2011 with the release of her single Tonight, she has continued to build a brand that encompasses her personality, her love for the arts and now, even sharing her keen eye for fashion with the world.


Throughout the years Nandi has shown us that she is a woman of ambition. That ambition drives her ability to remain relevant and reinvent herself throughout the years as an entertainer.


This is Nandi Madida and she is more than meets the eye!

[08 October 2019]