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the secret in your skin

The secret in our skin



We all know somebody who consistently smells amazing. Aside from a fine fragrance there is an art to smelling good. Where, when and how you use your fragranced skin products to get maximum appreciation for your aroma is important. So, what is the secret to a long-lasting scent and beautifully soft skin?




Choose the right scent


Different smells behave differently depending on their composition. While citrusy notes tend to dissipate quickly, spicy and earthy ones tend to linger for longer. A balanced fragrance will evolve as the day moves on. Changing as it dissipates to reveal new characteristics.



Build up your fragrances.


From your shower gel to body lotion, the way you smell is a combination of all of your scented add-ons. By using different smells together, you build layers of fragrance that stick around throughout the day and still keeps your skin soft.



Strategically place your smells


Go beyond the standard spray on your wrists and neck. Splash your perfume onto warmer, more concealed, areas of your body. Areas such as your stomach and chest, as well as behind the knees, help to prolong your perfume. The body heat in these areas also helps to advance the scent and it wears.



Don’t crush it


While it seems natural to rub your perfume in after its application, this is a no-no. Rubbing will crush the delicate chemistry of your perfume and you will find the smell will not only change but will wear for a shorter time.



Know when to use it


The ideal time to start building your fragrances is when your skin is slightly damp. So, the perfect time is after a shower or bath. Moisture helps to lock in the scent molecules.



Keep your skin moisturised


Be sure to moisturize your skin before you begin to build your fragrance to ensure you keep your skin soft. Dry skin will tend to absorb the smell, making it fade faster. Moisturised skin gives the odour something to adhere to, so it lasts longer.



Store properly


Too much heat or humidity breaks down the scent particles of your perfume, making them less potent. So, avoid storing perfume bottles in the bathroom and always keep them in cool, dry areas of your home.




The secret to smelling sensational is knowing when, where and how to use your fragrances properly. In the immortal words of the fresh prince of Bel-Air… “smell you later!”