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bar soap myths busted

Beauty Bar Soap Myths – Busted



We all love to believe a good old wives tale every now and then but at what point does a myth just become ridiculous? Are we really not eating the last snack on a plate for fear of never being married? Here is a list of ridiculous soapy myths we just had to bust.




Myth: Bar Soap dries out your skin


While many people may think that beauty bar soap dries out your skin, in fact, many soaps are actually packed full of skin softening ingredients such as fatty oils and fragrant essential oils to keep skin moisturised, hydrated and replenished.



Myth: Bar soap wastes money


While you may think you use less liquid soap than bar soap the actual truth of it is quite the opposite. Many people, according to recent research, actually use way more liquid soap than they use in its bar form. Even the last sliver of bar soap is not enough to content with how much more liquid body wash people use on average.



Myth: Bar soap is dirty


It’s a common belief that bacteria builds up on the surface of your bar soap or gets trapped or transferred while you are handling it. However, we have some news for you when you use soap it lifts and rinses dirt and germs and the same way they are removed from your skin, they are removed from the bar of soap. Provided you rinse the bar and store it properly a bar of soap is an awesome cleaning tool that you can add to your beauty regime with peace of mind.



Myth: Only antibacterial soap does the trick


While the term antibacterial has major shock tactics for those of us looking for soaps that are practical and luxurious there is, in fact, no evidence that antibacterial soap is more effective than regular soap for killing germs that cause disease. Regular luxury beauty bar soaps such as LUX Soft Touch are just as effective for cleaning – not to mention they smell amazing and leave your skin feeling silky soft.    



So, the next time you are at the supermarket choosing between bars and body washes make sure you know all the facts. You may even discover a new signature beauty bar that turns heads and leaves you feeling fresh and fabulous.