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have the valen-time of your life

Have the Valen-time of your life



It's that time year again - time for divas to shine and show love to their partners, and all in great style. We’ve got some great ideas on how to spice up the ultimate day of love and romance.




Try something different


Valentine’s Day is usually celebrated over a romantic meal. A great idea in theory, but everyone does it. So, the restaurants are usually packed, priced to a premium and poorly staffed. Why not take the road less travelled and take your partner on a picnic? Or make that gourmet meal you’ve been dying to try out at home. Pick up a bottle of fine fragrance shower gel and take a shower together or just go off on a long romantic walk. Love can be expressed in a million ways that don’t leave you feeling like you’re just a number.



Decide on your own Valentine’s Day


If the pressure of Valentine’s Day gets you down every year, why not make up your own? Forget the rush to the shops to buy overpriced stuffed toys and chocolates for your bae and start your own Valentine’s revolution. It’s easy, just pick a date that works for you, put it in the diary, share it with your loved one and let the planning begin.



Get creative


V-Day can get harsh on your pocket with retailers and restaurants capitalising on the demand for romantic goodies. Why not get creative with your gift ideas this year and show someone that they’re worth the time and effort it takes to create something special. Write a poem, bake a cake, sing a love song, create a massage voucher booklet around their favourite skin products – anything that let’s your person know that they’re worth more than just merchandise.



Act like strangers


Remember Claire and Phill’s alter ego’s in Modern Family? Juliana and Clive? If you don’t, they’re the hilarious alter egos used by the two characters to spice up their relationship. And there’s a lot we can learn from Juliana and Clive. Nothing makes you feel quite as sexy as when you’re being chatted up by a stranger. Problem is, being picked up by random strangers isn’t great for long-term relationships and can be dangerous. So why not pretend to be someone else for a night and see where your imaginations take you.



Make it eternal


Skip all the temporary commercial stuff and go straight for eternity with a photo shoot of you and your sweetie. Hire costumes, get your make-up and hair done and let the camera do the rest. You’ll walk away with a great experience and memories to last a lifetime.



Get spicy


Why go shopping for lingerie and other fun bedroom goodies alone when you can take your partner with you? It’s the ideal way to open up communications about an area of life that some people may feel too shy to discuss. You might learn a thing or two about each other.




Romance is what you make it. This Valentine’s day enjoy a unique take on the day of love and show your partner that there is more to your love than hearts, chocolates and roses.