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Join Us in 21 Moments of Self-care! 

Nurture your glow!

This month, LUX is encouraging women to take a little time out of their busy schedules each day to enjoy simple moments of self-care.

We want to help you embrace joy, relaxation, and confidence - all the things that will help you focus on yourself! Sometimes a little me-time is all you need to re-ignite your inner glow.

Why 21 moments of self-care?

All good habits are formed in 21 days, just what you need to start making me-time part of your routine.

We’re challenging you to spend a few minutes every day to decompress. After 21 days of self-care, you will be on your way to ensuring that the daily grind never gets in the way of you Glowing Unapologetically!

Our moments of self-care aim to help you prioritise me-time and celebrate your beauty as a source of strength. We’ve also included moments for you to indulge in LUX Beauty Bars and experience the skincare benefits they provide.

Get your glow on by turning your bath and shower time into a tranquil, LUXuriously scented, transformative experience. LUX’s skin-loving formulas are the perfect partners during your self-care moments. LUX Soft Caress, for instance, contains Glycerine, Jasmine, and Silk Essence Oil to give you nourished, glowing skin. While LUX Even Tone contains Bentonite Clay, Vitamins B3 and C and floral beauty oils. It’s been clinically proven to remove blemishes, resulting in visibly even-toned, and glowing skin in only 14 days.

Show us how you indulge in some me-time with LUX on social media using the #LUXSelfCareMoments, and you could WIN a little gift from one of our LUX Brand Partners. Make sure to tag your fav LUX Brand Partner.

Follow our Brand Partners as they share self-care tips and moments while taking on the 21 Moments of Self-care.

To join in on the conversation, follow our social pages for a new self-care moment daily.




21 Day Calendar (PDF 1.9 MB)




14 July 2022