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Power Up Your Glow with LUX Beauty Bars

Your beauty is your strength, embrace it and keep glowing through it all!

A LUX woman is strong, bold, breaks barriers and makes a statement when she enters the room. She’s a glow-getter and rises above any challenge thrown at her.

We say to women, “glow unapologetically and own your life… whilst also remembering that it's okay to indulge in those much-needed LUXurious self-care care moments with LUX.” Our LUX beauty bar range is the ideal beauty secret to take your pamper sessions to the next level.

Different Kinds of LUX Beauty Bears and Fragrances

What fragrances do LUX beauty bars have?

LUX has a range of quality soap bars, infused with the finest of fragrances which have been carefully selected by our perfume experts from across the globe. This is so you can stride out confidently, knowing that your skin is delicately scented and glowing.

Which beauty bars are best for glowing skin?

Our range has the Soft Caress bar which is infused with Jasmine and Glycerine to leave skin feeling nourished and ready to take on your day. Our Soft Touch bar is infused with SilkEssence™ and is crafted with the finest french roses and almond oil that leave your skin feeling moisturised with a delicate scent. Lastly, we have the LUX Velvet Touch bar, which is a magical blend of fresh blooming white roses.

The LUX Even Tone bar has been tried and tested, offering you that even-toned, glowing skin you've always wanted. This bar is enriched with clarifying clay and vitamin B3 to gently smooth and illuminate your beautiful skin! You can expect to see visible results on your skin in just 14 days. It also includes a
LUXurious fragrance blend of White Lily and Cocoa Butter, what some would call a match made in scent heaven!

With LUX, you can turn every bath into a LUXurious moment of pure indulgence and let your glow unfold.

Here’s to being boldly beautiful with LUX!