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lady practising self care

How to take better care of yourself

On a scale of 1-10, how often do you practice self-care?

Now, you’re probably thinking, “I don’t have the time, I’m too busy at work, I get home feeling exhausted; I don’t always have the budget…” Whatever your reason, failing to set time in a day to focus on your well-being can add unnecessary stress to your life.


A good self-care ritual doesn’t have to inconvenience you or require too much of your time. All it needs is a bit of discipline and for you to listen to what your body wants. But where do you start? 

Eat a well-balanced diet

When you eat good food made up of a healthy diet, you will essentially feel good too. The biggest step you can take in improving your diet is to avoid food with high amounts of sugar and salt. Make sure that your diet is filled with a balanced portion of fruits, vegetables, fish, beans and nuts to keep your body healthy and fuller for longer. These foods are a rich source of nutrients you need for a healthier and happier you!

Pamper yourself

There are plenty of ways to pamper yourself without going to a spa. Wear a face mask suited to your skin, cover your eyes with sliced cucumber to remove eye bags and listen to soothing music. While doing this, soak in a warm bubble bath at home, and use a loofah sponge to lather your skin with a fragranced body wash that has a calming scent which will leave you smelling fresh for up to eight hours and feeling great.

Reward yourself

Buy yourself some flowers on a random day to reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve done. Perhaps you met a target at work, or you reached realistic goals you’ve set for yourself, highlighting those accomplishments can push you even further to continue to ‘win.’ Buy those shoes you’ve wanted to get for months now or go to your favourite restaurant and indulge in a meal you’ve never tried before. Whatever you decide, make sure you feel rewarded!

Find a relaxing hobby

With the stresses of work or studies, you might find it difficult to find the time to unwind doing something you love. That’s where finding a hobby comes in… Find a class you’re interested in like dancing, painting, pottery, yoga, or whatever else you fancy and stick to attending these classes at least once a week. Because you’ll be doing something you love, hobbies can be stress-relieving, and add an exciting element to your week. 

Get enough rest on a daily basis

Every beauty queen needs their beauty sleep so that they can take on the day feeling energised and ready to conquer the world. Make sure that you get at least 7 hours of sleep at night, so you feel rejuvenated and less tired. 


A good self-care ritual can make your days more fulfilling and help reduce stress. Self-care is essential to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself because it boosts your confidence, keeps you grounded and motivated. This year, focus on yourself more and stress less.