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the fine art of being yourself

The fine art of being yourself



In life, it is tempting to compare yourself with others. With how beautiful they are, what a thick crown of hair that one has, how stylishly the other dresses… But it is, of course, just nonsense to do this to ourselves.




We are who we are and we are utterly unique. What does it matter if your cousin wears designer shoes and you love flip flops? If your best friends wear heels high enough to jump from and you prefer takkies? Or your neighbour wears branded imported leather boots and you prefer your home made moccasins?



The time has arrived for us to accept that we are all utterly different and special in our own fabulous way.



When you are feeling somewhat intimidated or overwhelmed by all the options out there, the trick is to take out some quiet time for a little meditation or self appreciation.



Ask yourself what you’re good at. Are you really kind to your friends and family? Do you bake a mean chocolate cake? Do you stand in for the teacher when he or she are not able to take a class? Make a list if you must, and even stick it on the fridge or the inside of your cupboard door to remind yourself every time you see it. And keep adding to the list as you discover new things about yourself.



And on those days that the world can get a bit bewildering, remember, there is nothing better than an indulgent soak in a House of Lux fragranced bath to wash the cares of the day away. The first step to everlasting happiness is to know your worth. It’s really worth remembering that.