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Difference Between Bar Soap and Body Wash

Difference Between Bar Soap and Body Wash

Regularly cleansing your skin is one of the non-negotiable in life. A good cleanser is an essential part of an effective skin care routine that will keep your skin happy, healthy and clean. But while you may have mastered your bathing routine right down to your choice of shower sponge, when it comes to selecting an effective cleanser, it can become a showdown of the soaps.

There are two main types of soap that you can use to cleanse your body - bar soap and body washes. While most soaps generally do the same job of dislodging dirt from the skin’s surface, the different types each have their pros and cons. When you suds up, there shouldn’t be any confusion. You should be able to step into the shower, or slip into a bathtub, confident that you’re using the best cleanser for your skin. So, to help clear the confusion about the best cleanser for your skin, we’re discussing the differences between bar soap and body wash.

So read on to uncover which is best for your skin in the battle of bar soap vs body wash.

Bar Soap vs Body Wash

The skin is our body’s largest organ, and its final defence against external elements. Which means that keeping skin clean and healthy is an important part of supporting your overall health. With that in mind, picking a cleanser that provides the most benefits for your skin becomes quite important.

What is the difference between soap and body wash?

The main differences between bar soap and body wash boil down to three areas - the ingredients, the skin benefits they offer, and the packaging. Let’s explore.

The Difference in Ingredients Between Bar Soap & Body Wash

At a basic level, most soaps work to cleanse your skin’s surface of dirt and impurities. When we dive a little deeper though, bar soaps and body washes generally have slightly different ingredients. So, while they both cleanse your skin, the way they do and the effect they have on your skin differs slightly.

Typically, bar soaps have fewer ingredients than body washes as they are often formulated with just the active ingredients needed. However, these bar soap ingredients can consist of harsh surfactants that can dry out your skin and strip it of its natural oils. Body washes on the other hand are often formulated to restore your skin’s moisture and thus typically consist of emollients and other moisturising ingredients.

Skin Benefits of Body Wash vs Soap

What are the skin benefits of using body wash vs soap?

When it comes to the skin benefits of body wash vs soap, body wash is the cleanser that wins this round. The emollients and other hydrating ingredients typically contained in body washes makes them perfect for providing your skin with some moisturising care as you cleanse. With these moisturising ingredients, body washes can help to replenish your skin’s protective barrier and restore moisture to your skin, leaving it soft and supple.

With bar soaps, the main benefit is that because bar soaps are made with a water-less formula they don’t need to contain any chemical preservatives to stop bacteria from breeding. Which results in a bar soap with a high concentration of pure ingredients, which are ultimately better for your skin.

The Difference In Packaging of Body Washes and Bar Soaps

If you’re an eco-warrior kind of girl, the packaging of your cleanser may be a determining factor when picking your daily cleanser, and rightfully so. Bar soaps usually come in paper packaging which is recyclable. While some body washes come in packaging that is made from virgin plastic, which negatively impacts the environment.

Fear not though, as not all body washes are created equal. Our Lux Botanicals range of body washes is made with 100% recyclable packaging. So if you’re set on using a body wash and want a cleanser that’s better for the planet, browse our wide range of LUX Body Washes.

When you’re searching for a bar soap alternative that will nourish and moisturise your skin rather than strip its oils, look to LUX too. Lather up with your pick of our expertly crafted collection of LUX Beauty Bars. Formulated to nourish and cleanse your skin while leaving it beautifully scented.

Is it better to use soap or body wash?

The reality is, both these cleansers do a good job of cleaning your skin, so it really comes down to your skin type, skin needs, and the benefits you’re looking for when deciding which soap is best for your skin. For those prone to dry skin, a moisturising body wash is the way to go. For those avoiding products with preservatives and parabens, a bar soap may be best for you.

When you next lather up though, know that you can’t go wrong when you cleanse with our LUX Botanicals range. All four LUX Botanicals variants are created with sustainable natural ingredients that are colourant, silicone, paraben-free, and made from 100% recyclable packaging. So when you use our body washes you can trust that you’re using a cleanser formulated with the finest skin-loving ingredients and the most enchanting fragrances. Delivering pampering, moisturising and nourishing care to your skin to give it a radiant glow.