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5 Tips To Succeed At Self-Care

5 Tips To Succeed At Self Care


“Something important came up.”
“I had no time.”
“I’ll try again next week.”

Have you ever been guilty of thinking or saying one of these?

In a world that’s constantly changing and filled with unexpected obstacles it is easy to put self-care on the back burner. Working, family responsibilities and other commitments are often prioritised over our personal wellbeing as women.

At LUX, we’re here to give you a gentle reminder that every now and then you need to put yourself first.

Self-care is about caring for your mind, body and soul. It is important to take time out for yourself to recharge and relax to prevent burn-outs or unhealthy levels of stress.

Here are 5 tips we believe can help you find that sweet spot between ‘life’ and self-care.

Join #LUXSelfCareSundays.

Although it may sound cliché, a great starting point for your self-care journey is dedicating a specific day of the week to downtime. This works well as it helps create a routine and gets rid of that ‘I didn’t have time’ excuse. And what better day than ‘Self-care Sunday’?

Do something that brings you joy

Having an activity that you love really goes a long way in helping relax your mind. Whether it is reading a book, baking something delicious, or just chatting to a friend, this allows your mind to unwind and focus on something that makes you happy instead of stress points. Maybe even affirming yourself by reinforcing positive thoughts or memories that your younger self should be proud of.

Pampering is important.

Having a hot shower or bath is one of the best ways to pamper as it relaxes and cleanses your skin. To create the ultimate pampering shower or bath, our LUX Botanicals with natural extracts, strike the perfect balance between being nourishing and calming. Ingredients such as pure honey in LUX Glowing Skin is popular for the moisture and glow it gives to skin. Caring for your body, and looking good outside goes a long way in feeling great inside.

Smells for the soul.

Certain fragrances share messages to the brain that are known to positively impact your emotions. In aromatherapy essential oils such as Tea Tree Oil are often used as a calming scent. Using a body wash like, LUX Skin Detox  with Freesia and Tea Tree Oil, is a simple way to surround yourself with a luxurious fragrance that can help de-stress your mood.

Say yes to yourself.

Lowering stress levels is a key factor in self-care. Stress is often caused by having too much to do and the external pressure from others. Reducing your workload, prioritizing your needs, and sometimes saying ‘no’ to others is healthy and is perfectly OK to do.

Remember, self-care goes hand-in-hand with self-love , and as women you need to love and care for yourself in order to be phenomenal.

Get ready to start your self-care journey with these 5 tips by getting your hands on your favourite LUX product to kick off your #LUXSelfCareSundays.

[30 November 2020]