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Smiling woman eating watermelon

7 Foods To Give You Better Skin

We're all aware of the 'you are what you eat' adage, and we've chalked it down to eat healthily, and you will feel better. What if we told you that it's way more than that? If you've spent months following a healthy eating plan that includes rice and cereal, you probably noticed that your acne isn't improving. It's because these high-glycaemic foods spike your blood sugar levels, contributing to acne. It's always helpful when mapping out a healthy eating plan that you consider including these seven foods for better skin:

1. Fabulous Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes help prevent blemishes and dark spots. This yummy starch helps impart a natural glow and also makes your skin softer and younger. Add sweet potatoes as a salad topping, steam 'em, mash 'em, or grill 'em!

2. Juicy Watermelon

Munching on a refreshing slice of watermelon in warm weather is just as tasty as it is beneficial to your skin health. According to experts, the high concentration of water (around 92%) in watermelon can reduce water retention that leads to puffiness around the eyes. Watermelon contains Vitamin C, which helps create and repair skin cells and helps your body make collagen, which keeps your skin supple.

3. Sip Away at Green Tea

Green tea is excellent for healing blemishes, scars and flushing out toxins. The best part is that green tea contains Vitamin K, which helps lighten dark circles under the eyes. You could also try steaming your face with green tea, making a green tea toner, mixing a green tea mask, or even adding green tea to your cleanser.

4. Yes, It’s Time for Broccoli to Shine

If you've never been a fan of broccoli, it's time to hop on the superfood train. Broccoli aids the process of skin repair, resulting in healthy skin. Adding broccoli to your meals helps renew your skin more quickly and gives your skin a beautiful natural glow.

Tip: Roast the broccoli; once it's out of the oven, drizzle some olive oil, sprinkle a bit of lemon zest and parmesan cheese. Thank us later!

5. Can We Have a bit of Soy With That, please?

Soy offers excellent beauty benefits like improving your skin's texture, reduces redness, firms, and plumps ageing skin, improves sun damage and fights hyperpigmentation. Add soy-heavy foods like soy milk and tofu to your eating plan for the best skincare journey of your life!

6. Tomatoes Have Superpowers

Tomatoes are used in some of the most effective remedies for clear and clean skin. Versatile and popular, tomatoes help reduce excess sebum on the skin's surface, preventing oil build-ups. This means that tomatoes have pore-shrinking properties, which reduce the chances of blackheads and whiteheads. How awesome is that?

7. Stock Up on Red Bell Peppers

Red bell peppers liven up the dreariest dishes with their sweet flavours and vibrant colour. Also packed with Vitamin C, bell peppers help form collagen required by your skin to remain healthy. Technically a fruit, yummy red bell peppers contain cancer-fighting carotenoids, which also help reduce swelling caused by arthritis.

Mother nature has all of the resources to have us bid our skin woes adieu. We're pretty sure your grocery list is going to be far more exciting in the months to come. Take a peek at the Lux Library, which offers more information on self-care, skin and beauty tips, and even relationship advice!

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